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Help Emily Teach in Zambia

Hello Friends & Family,

I am coming to you with exciting news! I have been accepted by International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ), to go and teach English for THREE weeks in Livingstone, Zambia!! This is an amazing opportunity for me, but it will not be possible unless I receive financial support through the generous donations of family and friends.

FIRST: Why should you donate to help me teach in Zambia?
–Because without financial support I simply cannot make this happen. IVHQ is an international program that links volunteers from all over the world to ongoing projects. They work very hard to make the programs as affordable as possible. For three weeks in Zambia, I would receive all my meals, housing, and transportation for the low fee of $490 (that’s only $23/day)! HOWEVER, just the airfare to and from Zambia is $2,500!! I also have to get a visa and shots for yellow fever and malaria (ugh!)

–More importantly, due to Zambia’s rapidly growing population and shortage of government funding and teachers, local communities have informally developed “community schools” to serve the immense need for education. A number of these schools offer reduced fees or free admission to students in need, many of whom are orphaned or living with elderly family members. These schools depend heavily on the involvement of volunteer teachers as the ratio of students to teachers can be as high as 60 to 1.
SECOND: What will I get out of this experience?
–This will be my first time to Africa, and my first time volunteer teaching abroad! As most of you know, volunteerism and community service have always been very important to me, but with my hectic academic schedule for the past six years I have not been able to participate in any international volunteer experiences. I am all set to start my PhD in the fall so now is the best, maybe the ONLY time to teach abroad!
THIRD: What’s in it for YOU if you donate?
–Not only will you earn my undying gratitude if you help me make this happen, but I have some fun prizes for anyone who contributes (see my reward section).

–BONUS: come tax season, your donation through GoFundMe is considered a “personal gift” which is not taxed as income in the U.S.
Every dollar donated gets me one step closer to making this opportunity a reality! If you want to know more about Zambia or IVHQ, contact me!

Much Love,