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My Fulbright Story

I’ve waited nearly 10 years to finally make this announcement!!

The summer before I started college at UofL, my SOSer PaigeĀ told me about a scholarship opportunity called Fulbright where I could go abroad to study or conduct research once I graduated. During my very first week of class, I went to Dr. PatĀ Condon’s office to tell her my plans. “I’m applying! What do I need to do between now and then?” With solid advice from Dr. Condon and Seabrook Jones, I paved my road to Fulbright. I double-majored, spent over a year and a half abroad, won other major grants and scholarships, learned another language, volunteered, pursued leadership positions in various clubs, attended academic conferences–all in an effort to make me more competitive for Fulbright.

In 2011 I came soooooo close to winning. It crushed me to read the email saying I was not selected. It shattered me. I didn’t know what to do. I pulled out of the MA program in DC I had applied to as my backup, moved back home, and started working as a waitress/shopgirl as I recovered and made new plans.

I found out several months later that the reason I lost my Fulbright after being approved to country was purely budgetary, nothing to do with my skills or qualifications. The fire was relit. I spent the next five years working in the field of grants and fellowships helping countless other students apply for and win their own well-earned Fulbrights, all while I earned my MA and began my PhD.

Last summer the time finally came. It was now or never. I would never have another chance to apply for Fulbright because once I earn my PhD I don’t qualify. Swallowing my anxiety and all my self-doubt, I worked hard to submit my application. Well, the results for my region were released today and I am so so so SO excited and proud to say that I am FINALLY a Fulbright Scholar to Malawi!!! It was worth the wait!