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Redemption Songs

A girl forced into sex slavery becomes a young woman learning to fix cars. Her dream was simply to drive. Unobtrusive and quietly brave, a young boy returns from a life as a spy in a rebel camp and learns to be a carpenter. How does a child survive war and enter the civilian world?

Check out this blog post from Medium, exploring the post-conflict lives of 12 Congolese children:


Homophobia in Uganda

I am so glad that the homophobia-inspired violence and hatred that is currently spreading through Uganda like a wildfire is finally catching the attention of the West. It should, since we are the ones responsible for creating such an environment of hate, fear, and mistrust. Western evangelicals have gone into Uganda and spread truly malicious hate, couched in ridiculous lies and blatantly false accusations about the LGBT community and lifestyle. They are instigating violence, discrimination, and mob violence and it is despicable.

Take a look at a recent conversation John Oliver had with Ugandan LGBT rights activist Pepe Julian Onziema to see just how dangerous the situation on the ground is for LGBT people in Uganda:

And don’t forget to watch the extended interview in Part II:

National PhD Level Gender Gaps

Follow the link below for an interesting interactive visual provided by Scientific American that details the gender gap in 2010 at the PhD level for 56 nations. This visual is quite interesting, not only to know that in the US females are roughly on par with males at receiving a PhD, but in some surprising countries like Mongolia, Latvia, and Uruguay, females are far outstripping their male counterparts. The winner? Portugal, by a whopping 62%. Keep up the good work ladies!